About Wild Stories Studio

Wild Stories Studio helps you unlock the art of digital storytelling for your business.

🎉  Find your recognisable brand voice and let it shine through on all your channels.

🦛  Don’t be a hungry hippo: Figure out which social media channels to use and how to create engaging posts.

✌️  Learn how to easily create content consistently with my content calendar system.

Hi, I'm Kathi,

I’m the founder of Wild Stories Studio and your storyteller-in-chief.

For nearly a decade, I have been documenting my experiences and adventures around the world on my own websites and in online and print magazines. In the process, I built a successful brand (my Scotland travel resource, Watch Me See) with thousands of readers, customers and campaign partners.

I captured people’s attention on social media and grew a community of travel lovers and Scotland fans. I have helped hundreds of customers plan their own trips and thousands more who visited my website for inspiration.

My secret? The power of storytelling!

Without a relatable and recognisable story to tell, my brand would have never convinced so many people to trust my advice and follow my lead. My story inspires everything I do in my business and helps my customers connect with me.

Now I help brands like yours do just the same!

Building a successful brand takes time, but if you nail your brand story and tell it consistently, you can speed up the process AND have fun doing so. No more time wasted on fruitless social media posts, shouting out offers and messages into the ether – only to hear nothing but crickets.

I help you write your business’ brand story and let that do the heavy lifting for you! Only when you are clear about why your business exists, will writing posts for social media, attracting new audiences and customers, and growing your business feel effortless.

Once we know your story, I can develop a kick-ass content strategy for your social media or help you set up a high-value blog for your brand. A content strategy is your *not so* secret joker to always know what to write about, how to speak your audience’s language and how to turn followers into loyal fans and customers. A strategy based on your brand story makes sharing posts and reaching new audiences easy-peasy.