Silent Co-Working Sessions

Need accountability to get things done?

Join me for my Silent Co-Working Sessions and add some accountability to your workflow.

Whether you are working on a content plan for your business, creating social graphics, writing a blog post, responding to enquiries, writing a newsletter or anything else you feel like you never have to time for – let’s make time together!

Silent Co-Working Sessions are all about:

  • Focus – 50 minutes of uninterrupted working.
  • Accountability – tell us what you’re working on and reflect on how it went.
  • Community – meet other business owners and celebrate each others’ wins.

Investment: £5 per session

How it works:

Book your spot in a Silent Co-Working Session and add it to your calendar.

Join the Zoom call and stay on mute.

Ideally, you’d have your camera on for maximum accountability, but you can turn it off if necessary.

When you join, tell us what you are working on in the chat.

We will spend 50 minutes silently co-working together.

At the end, I will ask you to unmute yourself for a quick check-in to see how you got on.