2021 Content Calendar System

A time-saving tool for busy tourism business owners.

Never feel anxious or rushed by social media again!

One place for ALL your content


♥ Plan your content in advance.

♥ Always know what to post about.

♥ Free up time for engagement and other biz tasks.

Get all that for only £7!

(PDF Guide + Template on Google spreadsheet)

Special launch offer: £7
Regular price: £17

Does any of this sound familiar?

⊗ You’re not always sure what to post about.

⊗ You have ideas for content, but never the time to turn them into posts.

⊗ You post sporadically when inspiration strikes, but not on a regular basis.

⊗ You spend a lot of time coming up with captions and hashtags when you remember to post.

⊗  Social media feels like a time-suck – you’d rather do other tasks in your business.

With my Content Calendar System, it will feel like this:​

♥ You consistently turn your ideas into real content.

♥ You never feel rushed and stressed about what to say on social media or what your next post will be.

♥  You increase traffic to your website because you give people something interesting and valuable to read, watch and look at.

♥ You reach lots of new people who have never heard about your business before.

♥  You post regularly about your business and always know what to say.

♥  You communicate a consistent message about your business, products and services.

♥ People come to know your business for what you do best. They recognise and remember your business when they see your posts.

♥ You create your content in advance and free up time for other business tasks.

♥ You keep yourself accountable by setting feasible deadlines and feel good about what you accomplished.

Get a Sneak Peek Inside the System:

The 2021 Content Calendar System includes:

  • Access to my 2021 Content Calendar template in a Google spreadsheet. (Link in the PDF guide)
  • A step-by-step guide for how to use the system on a day-to-day basis. (PDF guide)
  • An overview of your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks to stay on top of your content calendar.
  • Resources to help you find awareness days & other events for your content calendar.

Why should you trust my system?

I have built my own successful travel business with the help of a blog and social media. My content calendar helps me stop the overwhelm of wanting to do everything at the same time (when inspiration strikes) and communicate effectively how I can help people make their well-deserved trips even better.

I have created content for years. Blogs, videos, social media and even podcasts – you name it. Everything I can teach you is based on hands-on experience of building a business through content.

I have not only created content for my own business but also helped clients nail their messaging and content strategy.

I’m an entrepreneur and run multiple one-woman businesses. I know how precious your time is and how difficult it can be to juggle social media and content creation with providing your in-person services and business admin. I want to help you use your time effectively.

I know how easy it is to drop social media and content creation as a “vanity task” – we’ve all been there. But I have experienced first-hand how live-changing content can be for a business and am ready to convince you to give it another go!

Kathi Kamleitner

Content Whizz and Storyteller
Founder of Wild Stories Studio

But don't just take it from me...

Here is what one of my previous clients has to say about the content calendar I created for her as part of a comprehensive social media consultation: 

♥ It helped her feel less anxious and rushed about creating content.

♥ It helped her create content that is on-brand for her business.

♥ It freed up time to engage more meaningfully with her audience.

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