How to Create a Content Calendar for Your Business

a great tool to plan your content, set feasible deadlines and keep yourself on track.

Are you still posting to social media spontaneously and without a plan? Do you have ideas for blog posts or videos to promote your business – but never get around to creating them? Then a content calendar is what you need! This post shows you how to create a content calendar and use it to plan your content, set feasible deadlines and keep yourself on track.

For a long time, I was posting whatever came to mind, whenever I felt inspired. And more than once, my posts tanked – low engagement, no call to action, and little connection to my services and offers as a business.

And not just that – I often felt overwhelmed, knowing that I should post something, but not knowing what. That dreaded blinking cursor, no words to replace the “Write a caption…” displayed on my Instagram app.

It got so bad, that I didn’t post anything for months. Missing out on the opportunity to gain followers, make connections and build my business. What a waste…

But then I started using a content calendar and everything changed. All of a sudden, I had a place to drop all my ideas and keep me accountable to turn them into real content. I could make a coherent plan for all my platforms and had something to use for inspiration on days I didn’t know what to say.

In this post, I want to give you a few tips for creating your own content calendar and get on top of content creation for your business.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a plan to map out all your content for a certain period of time, including social media posts, blog posts, newsletters for your email list, videos, podcasts, brochures or any other form of content you use to promote your business.

Your content calendar can be digital or analogue, a spreadsheet or a wall calendar. What is important is that you give yourself enough space to fill in details and deadlines.

I personally prefer to work with a digital content calendar and use a Google spreadsheet to map out all my content. I have one content calendar for each of my businesses and projects.

There are also project management tools such as Trello or Asana that allow you to create a complex content calendar – but I prefer the overview of a spreadsheet over these dynamic tools.

The benefits of working with a content calendar

You’re never stumped for content

Gone are the days of not knowing what to post about. With the help of a content calendar, you always know what to post about on social media because you made a plan.

The extra bonus is that you will never again post loads in one week, and nothing the following. You will be able to collect all your ideas and then spread them out evenly to create a consistent flow of content for your followers.

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You get more done in less time

Since you always know what to post about, you won’t ever waste your time again, trying to come up with a catchy headline or engaging caption.

You can finally prioritise

Ever started with an idea and then halfway through, you had another one and started to work on that one instead?

With a content calendar, you can finally prioritise which piece of content you have to create right now – and which idea can wait until next week or month.

You stop the risk of “overselling”

Have you ever unfollowed someone because all they talk about is the different products and services you can buy from them?

If every single one of your posts is about asking your followers to buy from you, they will soon tune out or worse – unfollow you.

Having a content calendar gives you an overview of your posts. It allows you to space out your “salesy” posts and fill the gaps with valuable and entertaining content.

You communicate more clearly with your audience

Working with a content calendar allows you to think through everything you want to tell your audience about your business and your offers.

You can make a plan for how to communicate a special offer or new service most effectively – how often to mention it – what pieces of information you need to give them for context.

You can build your messaging and make sure you don’t lose your followers halfway through making a point.

It is important you communicate what you do & offer consistently. Read more about brand consistency here!

What to include in your content calendar

What exactly goes in your content calendar, depends a little on what kind of content you are planning to produce. Are you writing a blog for your business? Are you recording a podcast? Are you really big on Instagram Stories? Your content calendar will reflect this.

But, there are a few things that should be in every content calendar.

Core Business Dates

Are you operating year-round or does your season have a start & end date? Put those in your content calendar and plan content around your busy periods.

Relevant Events

Include any events from bank holidays and school holidays to relevant business or public events in your local area, nationally and internationally.

Space for ALL your platforms

Include every single platform you are active on, incl. the ones you don’t necessarily focus on right now. Make it easy for yourself to gain an overview of what is happening on each of your platforms throughout the month.

Your content ideas


You may find that you want to set yourself deadlines for individual pieces of content, before you post them. Make sure you make space for these deadlines to hold yourself accountable.

Another way to build accountability into your content calendar is to add either a progress column or highlight content pieces green as you complete them.

Quick Links

There are certain websites, blog posts or online business profiles you may want to share again and again. Your content calendar is a great place to keep them handy in one place.

A Content Calendar System that works

It can take a while to create a content calendar that works for your and your business. And as is the case with things that cost time – we tell ourselves, we’ll do it another time. And then never do it…

So, I have created a Content Calendar System that you can start using from day 1. No need to spend hours creating a spreadsheet and formatting it to include everything you need.

No hiding behind excuses anymore – it’s just £7 and you can start plan your current or next month of content right away.

Get my 2021 Content Calendar System!

My 2021 Content Calendar System is designed to help you plan content for your tourism business, set yourself feasible deadlines and keep track of your progress.

Using the system routinely, you will never feel overwhelmed by social media or content creation again!

You will get:

  • My Content Calendar System – fully editable to suit your needs.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide that explains how to use the calendar template.
  • An overview of your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks.
  • Resources to help you find awareness days & other events.

Here is a little sneak peek:

Swapping my overwhelm with a plan was the best thing I have ever done.

I use this content calendar system for my business and various side projects every day and now manage to create more content, that is consistent with my brand and helps me get the message across in a better way.

I hope you find it does the same for you!

Are you ready to get control of your ideas and turn them into content to promote your business?

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