11 Tips for more Engaging Social Media Posts

Find out how to make your social media content more engaging and grow your audience organically - without costing you a penny!

Social media is a great place where you can engage directly with your potential clients and customers. But how do you create content that sparks people’s interest and gets them to engage with you?  This post contains 11 effective tips for more engaging social media posts for your business.

Pouring your heart into crafting an update for your Facebook page or posting a new image on Instagram, only to find that only a fraction of your followers sees it and no-one engages? I feel you!

Spending time on content creation can be frustrating when you don’t get the results you were hoping for. No one likes writing captions that nobody reads and who isn’t fed up when boosting your posts seems to be the only option to reach more people.

But don’t worry – you don’t have to throw money at the problem in order to solve it. In fact, boosting social media content without a clear strategy and target is usually just a waste of money. Instead, look at your posts and make them more engaging.


This post will tell you how to make your social media content more engaging and grow your audience naturally – without costing you a penny!

Top tips for more engaging social media posts

1. Ask questions

Show interest in your followers by asking them questions. Try to avoid yes-or-no questions and go for questions that require a bit more time to respond – such as asking for opinions or personal experiences.

However, easy-to-answer questions can also be effective, for example when you ask your followers to choose from three options, pick the right answer in a quiz or self-identify as one of three types.

The most important step of this engagement method is to tell your audience that you want them to respond at the beginning and end of your caption – especially if it is a longer caption.

That way it is crystal clear what you want them to do.

2. Include clear calls to action (CTAs)

While we’re on the subject of clarity: include easy-to-understand calls to action and make it impossible to misunderstand what action you want your followers to take. Make it as easy as possible to engage with your content.

Here are some options:

  • Double tap if this resonates with you.
  • Send me a DM/message if you’re interested.
  • Comment with your thoughts.
  • Share your own experience in the comments.
  • Let me know your answer in the comments.
  • Watch my Stories to find out.
  • Send this to a friend who needs to hear it.
  • Read my blog post (link in bio).

3. Talk about emotional and controversial topics

People react to and engage with content that pulls their emotional strings. Talking about such topics is one of the best ways to create more engaging social media posts.

Post about subjects that are controversial or evoke strong reactions – like something that most people either love or hate (there is no space for vanilla).

Give people the option to chime in with their own thoughts, definitions or opinions first. Then add your own thoughts in your next post, in Stories or a new piece of content (like a blog post).

Top tip: Avoid topics that might trigger negative reactions (unless it fits your brand), and have clear & transparent community rules around respectful communication.

4. Don’t (hard) sell with every post

One common social media mistake I see many businesses make is that they only speak about their own products, services or offers ALL THE TIME. They try sell or hard sell with every post – but that’s not flying with most people.

The golden rule of sales talk on social media is “Give-Give-Ask”. For every time you ask your followers to book your service or buy your product, post at least two posts where you provide value to them.

Regularly share content that is not specifically about your products or services, but still related to your niche and interests.

5. Create fun, participatory content

Mix it up a little by posting content that is fun and participatory. Put together a short quiz, create a branded Bingo-template or simply prompt your followers to share their own experiences and stories with one another.

Top tip: Participatory content works particularly well on social media stories. Read my post about best practice tips for Instagram Stories for more!

6. Provide value for your followers

The single-most important question you should ask yourself before posting something on social media is:

What value does this provide for my followers?

If you post something of value, it is more likely to get engagement from your followers than when you post only for the sake of adding something to your feed. As so often in life, it’s about quality over quantity.

Reveal a surprising fun fact, provide a useful list of tips or things to do, or share a little secret that makes your life easier. Your followers will love sharing valuable content with their own friends and followers.

7. Do an audience survey

Ask your followers what they want to see, what they are interested in or what you could offer to make their lives better, more inspired, easier etc.

Then, give them what they want!

Asking your followers what kind of content speaks to them makes it much easier for you to create more like it.

8. Work with video

Working with video can do wonders for your engagement.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, videos keep people on the platform for longer and that’s exactly what they want. As such, most social media platforms will treat video content preferentially and show it to more of your followers.

9. Dig into your analytics

Go to your insights and look up which actions people are taking. In what ways are they engaging with your content?

You might be surprised! Not every type of engagement is as visible as liking and commenting. On Instagram, for example, you can also see how many people have saved your posts to their archive or shared them with friends via DMs.

These are still fantastic engagements to track!

10. Use hashtags and in-app features

Hashtags can be a great tool to increase the reach of your content. Use a mix of high- and medium-volume hashtags to maximise how many people discover your posts. Hashtags work best on Instagram and Twitter, as well as LinkedIn.

In-app features such as Stories, Lives or Instagram Reels are also useful tools to reach more people.

Find content ideas for Stories, Likes, Reels and IGTV here.

11. Audit your social media accounts

Regularly audit your social media accounts to find out which types of content performed best.

Pay attention to four key areas:

  1. Your Profile
  2. Your Insights or Analytics
  3. Your Content
  4. Your Followers or Community

Analysing your content and collecting performance stats can reveal which kinds of content are worth investing time in, what works particularly well for your audience and what’s a waste of time & effort.

Learn how to run an Instagram Audit here.

So, instead of changing nothing about your content and just throwing money at boosting posts – take a hard look at your social media profiles and see if you can implement any of these tips for more engaging social media posts.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments – how are you increasing the engagement on your social media profiles?

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