1-on-1 Social Media Consultation

Are you struggling with your business social media accounts?

Maybe you are not sure how to use social media strategucally to generate more sales, raise brand awareness and reach new clients or customers?

Or perhaps you don’t know how to represent your brand on social media, what your content should sound like, which platforms you should be active on and what you should post about?

It could also be that you just want to make sure that your profiles are all set up and you are using your social accounts to the maximum.

Whether you need a lot or a little bit of help with your social media strategy, I can help you with that!

I offer three levels of 1-on-1 social media consultation:

Social Media & Content Audit

Let me analyse your social media accounts (and if you like, also your website and business blog) to identify opportunities for improvement and develop content ideas that will help you connect with your audience.

Auditing your social media presence, I will…
  • Create a report about your current social media following
  • Apply my step-by-step audit process
  • Analyse your performance and set goals (KPIs) to track your progress
  • Uncover how you can improve your social media strategy
  • Provide a list of improvement opportunities and content ideas
This service includes…
  • 1 goal-setting session (60-90 minutes)
  • 1 handover session (60 minutes)
  • 2 weeks email support after audit delivery
This is perfect for you if…

You manage your own social media accounts, already post consistently, but don’t get the results you are hoping for

You should be comfortable to experiment with different tools and apps I suggest and committed to develop your own content strategy based on my tips. 


Social Media Strategy Power Session

Do you have a very specific problem with social media you need help solving?

Book a Social Media Strategy Power Session with me. This is a 60-minute Zoom call during which we tackle a specific issue you have with social media.

Social Media Strategy Consultation

Let me develop a comprehensive content strategy for your social media accounts. With a strategy you will never feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated and always know when, what and how to post.

Consulting you on your social media strategy, I will…
  • Share with you my years of experience of social media marketing and community building
  • Create a 100% customised social media strategy document for your business
  • Analyse your accounts through my social media audit process (see audit service for details)
  • Unlock your brand story & teach you how to tell it
  • Identify specific topics and themes for you to talk about
  • Make concrete suggestions for content you can post
  • Share my customisable content calendar for your business
  • Formulate your easy-to-follow content guidelines
This service includes…
  • 3 in-depth sessions discussing your business goals, your brand personality, your ideal customer, and concrete content ideas for social media (90-120 minutes)
  • A summary of each session with action points
  • 1 handover session including (60 minutes):
    • A social media strategy document
    • A customisable content calendar
    • A content bank with content ideas
    • Spreadsheet templates for tracking your network and analysing your competition
  • A follow up call approx. 2 weeks after hand-over
This is perfect for you if:

You often don’t know what to post about.

You feel frustrated with social media because don’t get the results you are hoping for and it makes you post less.

You feel overwhelmed and struggle to put in the time and effort to keep up a consistent online presence. 

PS: The written strategy also makes it easy-peasy to hand over your social media accounts to someone else!